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Have you heard about the quickpayportal? QuickPayPortal is a software product that offers a feature of instant money transfer services through online bank account. With this feature you can save yourself from the trouble of opening your account and wait for the money to be transferred. The amount is transferred by you at your convenience and this way you can pay for your shopping or meet the expenses. Read on to learn more about it’s features.

The Features Of QuickPayPortal

QuickPayPortal has many features. These features are useful to you when you want to send money abroad, to pay for your bills abroad or to travel abroad.

  1. You need not go to a bank to transfer money. All you have to do is to sign up in QuickPayPortal and choose an appropriate mode. This mode should be selected as per the mode you are using at home. In case, if you want to use your ATM card for making the payment then you can go for the ATM Mode while if you are using your debit card to make the payment you can go for the credit card mode.
  • To use your debit card for making the payment you just have to enter your PIN number on the screen. The transaction is done through the secured connection and then the money is sent to your debit card.
  • To pay for your shopping with your credit card all you have to do is to go through the mode that you are using at home. Select the mode, which is suitable for your shopping. This mode will also help you to receive the funds. You have to send the money and you are expected to get the money in few hours.
  • To find out the mode that suits your purpose then you can select a mode which is available for all the modes that you are using at home. In case, if you are using the mode that is not available for any mode then you will have to search for another mode that can serve your purpose.
  • To find out more about the mode you are selecting, you have to log on to the website. The mode which is available for you to select will be shown on the home page. You can select the mode that will suit your purpose.

2. QuickPayPortal is really helpful for saving time and you can spend some time shopping or looking for hotels or going to beach resorts without taking any hassle.

3. You can also use multiple card in the same time. and you will not have to keep opening and closing the accounts in your card. every time. The account is opened and closed in one single click.

4. Patients can search for related information using the “Health and Wellness” search box.

5. Links about medical tests, symptoms, and other health-related things are provided for easy access.

6. Another feature is that you can view the user’s account information or results of medical examinations using the link to the patient’s portal.

7. Patients can set an appointment or reschedule a booked on if needed.

8. Check payment history by clicking on the Billing tab, then go to Payments and click on view detail link.

9. Users can have flexibility with their payment as various modes like credit or debit cards are provided. They can either make a one-time payment or add their card information for future payment transactions

How To Register To Quick Pay

  • First-time users just need to visit www.quickpayportal.com.
  • Enter the 15-digit statement ID or QuickPay Code, then click on Sign Up. 
  • A new page will load, asking for the user’s details such as name, mobile number, Social Security Number (SSN), email address, among others. Fill out all the details and click Submit. 
  • Make sure to provide a valid email address as a verification email will be sent to it afterward. Once the email is sent, users would need to click on the QuickPay Portal verification link.
  • Next, users will then choose a password. Make sure the password is strong like combining uppercase and lowercase letters, numbers, and special characters. Click on the submit button to process the application. 
  • When registration is successful, users will then be redirected to the dashboard to confirm the account is active.

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What You Need To Know When Using QuickPayPortal

  • Register on the AthenaHealth website to get the Statement ID or QuickPay Code, which is needed to access QuickPay Portal. Use the portal to pay medical bills using the same code.
  • Never share the portal password to anyone, but we encourage the user to write it somewhere for future reference.
  • Click on My Profile tab to manage your account profile.
  • Always log out from the website after use. This will prevent unauthorized persons from accessing the account.
  • Contact AthenaHealth as soon as possible whenever encountering issues regarding the portal.
  • Read the FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions) for a better understanding of the website and its functions.


You can also avail the service for the whole year because it is provided for certain days. so that you can get the best of features. After the service is availed then you can choose the mode that suits your need for the rest of the year.

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